Franquette Walnut Sapling is a America-originated, imported, vaccinated walnut sapling variety, which we send as pollinator for Chandler walnut saplings. It has the same characteristics as Chandler.

Characteristics of Franquette Walnut Sapling

  • Franquette is an old American variety.
  • This variety is planted limitedly in recent years, because low fruiting on sub-fruit-buds, being big trees, and having low fruitfulness relatively.
  • Franquette is used in locations which the late frosts of spring are seen commonly, and the rain is frequently faced. It is selected as pollinator for Chandler and Hartley. It has little fruits, kernel weight is 5.3 gr, interior ratio is 46-47%, and the color of kernel is usually very good.
  • Scharsch-Franquette trees grow up vertically, very strongly. They are available in our firm as certificated tubed walnut and open-rooted walnut saplings.

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