Blue-Certificated Walnut Sapling

The blue-certificated walnut sapling and yellow-certificated walnut sapling subjects, which the persons who have started walnut sapling production are mostly concerned about, are the ones which should be taken into consideration.

What Is The Difference Between the Yellow Certificate and Blue Certificate?

The breeding rootstock parcel is not necessary for the areas which the yellow certificated walnut saplings shall be planted. However, if the blue certificated walnut saplings shall be planted, breeding rootstock parcel becomes necessary and diseases should be given to these saplings through special grafts inspected and obtained by the universities. Therefore, the certificates vary depending on the structure stipulating the characteristics of the land, on which the production to be made. Besides, in respect of state promotions, the blue certificated walnut saplings are supported up to 350 TL. This amount is limited with 150 TL. for yellow certificated walnut saplings.

Of course, the walnuts which are produced by using blue certificated walnut saplings shall be more quality, and the walnut kernels obtained from these walnuts shall be sold with higher prices.

Why Is The Breeding Rootstock Parcel Important for Blue Certificate?

The blue certificated saplings, which are named as parcel No. 3 in the certification system and which has an official certification system are taken as free of diseases, and it is stipulated that the production areas to not to be more than a certain number.

In this respect, the certificate system, which is an important detail, should be analyzed in detail taking the fruitfulness of the crop to be produced and characteristics of the land into consideration. A particular capacity report is issued for the breeding rootstock parcel, and maximum tree amount, which may be cloned, is determined.

Our company – Güven Nursery –, which is among the firms selling blue certificated walnut saplings, has the blue certificated breeding rootstock parcel, which is limited among the walnut sapling producers within our region, continues to sell blue-certificated Chandler walnut saplings. The blue certificated walnut saplings may be planted everywhere the West provinces such as Bursa, Denizli as well as the east regions including such as Ağrı, Kars, Iğdır.


Please immediately contact us if you want to order blue-certificated walnut saplings, which offers high state-grant support in an amount of 280 TL per decare by our state, or to take information.

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