Chandler Walnut Sapling is the most preferred variety by the ones want to establish enclosure nurseries with vaccinated walnut saplings in the world and in recent years in our country. It is known as shorty walnut sapling in the market, as it is grown up as semi-shorty. Its pronunciation is like chandler. It can be written as Çetler, center, cetner.

The Characteristics of the Chandler Walnut Sapling

The characteristics of the Chandler Walnut Sapling, which is the most fruitful variety, such as low risk of being affected  from spring’s late frosts due to its early yielding, leafing out and blooming 10-15 days later than the local varieties, fruiting on the sub-branches, being shorter than the local varieties having the feature of fruiting on sub-brunches, and having a high trade value due to having thin nutshell, high interior plenum rate, and White color of interior as for the fruit quality, are the reasons for preferring.

In our country’s ecological conditions, the chandler walnut saplings can be planted easily up to the altitudes of 1000 – 2000 from the sea level, they may be planted within the 8*8 m and 7*7 m planting ranges and a nursery may be established with 8*4 m, 7*4 m, 7*3,5 m planting ranges, which we call thickset system (fence planting system), because it is a variety which yields fruits from the sub-branches. We recommend French-originated Fernor walnut saplings for planting walnut saplings at altitudes of 1200 and more.

Fruit Characteristics of Chandler Walnut Sapling

The fruit weight of Chandler Walnut Sapling is 13 gr, interior rate is 49-52%.

Fat ratio is 70%, protein ratio is 23%, and it is easy to separate from the nutshell.

Interior weight is 6.5-7 gr. It is suitable for consuming as dried and fresh walnut.

It is a variety which can get through of the spring frosts in the regions up to the transitional zones.

The pollinators of the Chandler walnut sapling are Franquette and Fernette.

You can procure Chandler Walnut Saplings from November to March as open-rooted, and from March to November as tubed from our firm in every year.

Original Chandler Walnut Sapling Order

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